Inspired by Excellence & Tradition

At “Mangiasti?” we want to replicate the simple and earthy flavours that can only be found in nonna’s kitchen.

Inspired by
Excellence & Tradition

At “Mangiasti?” we want to replicate the simple and earthy flavours that can only be found in nonna’s kitchen.

Per Cominciare

Marinated Sicilian Mixed Olives Vegetaria

with roasted cashew nuts and rum sultanas | 15.9

Fiori di zucca (3) Vegetaria

filled with mascarpone in Neapolitan batter | 26.9

Fritto Misto

fried fresh Southern Australian calamari and seasonal vegetables | 27.9

Polipo e Ceci

twice-cooked fresh WA Octopus with chickpea purè | 27.9

Croquette di feta Vegetaria

with sesame seeds, honey and green apple | 24.9

Burrata Parmigiana Vegetaria Tomato Sauce

with salsa di pomodoro San Marzano DOP and fried eggplant | 24.9

Gamberi all’Aglio gluten free

garlic QLD king prawns , dry ricotta and green pepper | 26.9


weekly flavour | 23.9

Carpaccio di Bresaola gluten free

with mango , rocket and pistacchio | 25.9


Tagliatelle al Ragù

prime hand cut pork, veal and beef slow cooked for 8 hours | 31.9

Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia salt

squid ink black pasta with shark bay crab meat | 33.9

Linguine al Cartoccio

fresh W.A. scampi and fresh local mixed seafood baked in a parcel | 39.9

Gnocchi Burrata Vegetarian

rocket pesto zucchini flowers, EVO and fresh burrata | 32.9

Linguine Caprese Vegetarian

cherry tomatoes with fresh burrata on top | 32.9


Tagliata di Manzo gluten free

with Café de Paris and roasted potatoes | 36.9

Fish of the Day

ask the staff for the Australian fish of the day | 39.9

Porchetta Romana gluten free

House Rolled 12 hours slow cooked Pork Belly with mixed micro leaves salad | 33.9


Roasted Potatoes

potato wedges oven roasted with rosemary and garlic | 11.9

Goat Cheese Green Apple Salad

with rucola, indivia and pistacchio | 19.9

Garden Salad

indivia and rucola salad with secret home made dressing | 17.9

Watermelon Salad 

with goat cheese mint cherry tomatoes and aged balsamic malasses | 18.9


Semifreddo gluten free

Ask for the flavor of the week | 16.9

Mangiasti? Tiramisù

don’t expect a normal tiramisù | 16.9


served with a shot of San Marzano | 16.9

Millefiori alla Crema e Fragole



Amaro del Capo


Sambuca Secolare




Grappa Caffo Vecchi


San Marzano Borsci




Bevande Calde

Italian Moka Pot Coffee

Traditionally house-made using Bialetti coffee makers | 3.5

T2 Teas

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Camomile, Grean Tea | 4.9

Vegetaria Vegetarian


gluten free Gluten Free

Tomato Sauce Tomato Sauce

Our recommendation

Enjoy the wonderful Southern Italian Cuisine!