Nonna’s Special Sunday Lunch, only at Mangiasti? Italian Restaurant

Welcome to Mangiasti? Italian Restaurant in Roseville Chase

Far more than a meal, it is a socialising ceremony embraced by families, couples and groups of friends. Italians like to escape from the city on Sundays, going to a relative’s home, or their favourite restaurant for a leisurely Sunday lunch with their family. It is the perfect moment to talk, share a laugh and strengthen relationships. Everything is familiar and warm. A ritual that goes on and on, year after year. A beautiful celebration of life itself!

Sunday lunch in Italy is a huge cultural tradition.

La Domenica a Pranzo

Here in Sydney, the casual atmosphere of Mangiasti means the whole family is welcome, so when no one is up to the task of cooking all day for a big family, we are a popular alternative to a family home. But we wanted to make things even easier for you to appreciate this traditional Italian experience, so we created “La Domenica a Pranzo”, a set menu offered every first and last Sunday of each month, starting from March 1st.

In this set menu, the generous antipasto plate is filled with homemade bread and succulent marinated Sicilian mixed olives. Next comes our famous Pasta al Ragù with prime hand cut pork, veal and beef slow cooked for 8 hours. All accompanied by a rich glass of red wine, Fortebraccio Chianti.

“La Domenica a Pranzo” set menu was inspired by the traditional nonna’s Sunday table

George Gevas

Pane e Olive

home made bread with marinated sicilian mixed olives

Davide Arena

Pasta al Ragù

prime hand cut pork, veal and beef slow cooked for 8 hours

Davide Arena & George Gevas

Bicchiere di Vino Rosso

red wine glass, Fortebraccio Chianti

Our set menu was inspired by the traditional nonna’s Sunday table where there are no decisions to be made… All you need to do is to have a seat, savour the procession of rich flavours and enjoy the meal-ritual to unfold! For only $35.9 per person, this amazing meal is more than worth seeking out on a lazy Sunday.

Eating together is a magical moment through which the beautiful reaches the sublime, and friendship turns into a rare form of intimacy. Book your table today!

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