Welcome to Mangiasti?

Our “storia”: North Shore’s finest Italian restaurant for fresh Pasta and authentic Italian cuisine

Welcome to Mangiasti? Italian Restaurant in Roseville Chase

Welcome to Mangiasti? We are a cosy Italian restaurant in Roseville Chase, bringing culture, traditional food, and a piece of the Italian atmosphere straight from the region of Calabria to Sydney’s North Shore.

Inspired by the vibrant and historical streets of the south of Italy, our restaurant design is unique. Downstairs, the courtyard-style restaurant is warmed by the open-kitchen and wine bar. While upstairs, the lights glow in a homely dining room, inspired by our co-owner Davide’s grandma’s house.

““My nonna’s house was simple, cosy and full of atmosphere”, explains Davide. “She would always have food cooking on the fire and delicious antipasto on the table, while the children ran around and the grownups chatted. Everyone was welcome and shared in the cooking and eating.”

“That’s our goal; to give locals the full Southern Italian experience on their doorstep and create somewhere they too can catch up, share a bottle of wine, savour some homemade fresh pasta dish and just relax.”

Mangiasti's Entrance
Mangiasti's Interior
Mangiasti's Interior Upstairs

Davide, born in Rombiolo, Southern Italy, has been in Australia for 10 years. For ten years’ managing one of Darling Harbour’s busiest restaurants, his desire to open his own restaurant only grew stronger.

He worked alongside George, a Greek Australian, with strong ties to the suburb in Northern Sydney. Having formed a great working relationship, it was a natural progression to go into business together to make their restaurant dreams a reality.

“Our new restaurant may be in Roseville Chase, but it feels like a street from my village – even the sign is based on a street sign where I grew up”, says Davide. “The busy chatter, the cobbled floors, and the indoor plants climbing up the walls, all remind me of my childhood. The smell of the Linguine al Cartoccio baking in the oven reminds me of my mom’s Sunday lunch at home.”

Davide Arena
George Gevas
Davide Arena & George Gevas

George is certain that their friendship formed over a shared passion for food, which is key to the restaurant’s success. “Everybody wanted to be friends with Davide, so I had to be friends with him too”, he reminisces. “When we both realised we had the same dream, we had to open the restaurant. It has been a hard journey, doing a lot of the building ourselves, but we always had a strong vision of what we wanted to achieve.”

“I love the authenticity of our restaurant, everywhere you look, something catches your senses. The letter box, the sound of our busy kitchen,, the smell of the ragù after eight hours bubbling on the stove, and even looking up to see the decorative pigeons sitting in holes.

At Mangiasti? we have worked hard to create an irresistible menu, all made from fresh and traditional ingredients. For George it’s just one of the perks.

Mangiasti? - Tagliatelle al ragù

“I’m surrounded by great food every day! I love the way the cherry tomatoes are simmered and the way the snapper fillet is so soft. I can’t resist the Porchetta Romana, a savory, fatty, and juicy pork belly slow cooked for twelve hours is surely the best Italian culinary tradition there is” attests George.

Our door to Italy is always open (except Mondays and Tuesdays when we rest!). Please come along with your friends and family and enjoy the rich and delicious flavours of Southern Italian cooking at its finest, in one of Sydney’s most atmospheric Italian restaurants!.

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